OMG!! 6 month's til Christmas !!

Take a deep only seems like yesterday that we were taking down the decorations. Trying to fit everything back into the boxes they came from, detangling the lights from the tree and picking up all those pine needles. Well that time is coming and with only 25 shopping weekends to go and just 5 pay days before Christmas......are you ready?

Don't panic just yet. We have launched this site to offer you everything you need to make your Christmas time special and magical. We are so excited this year as we are launching our new pre-filled wooden Christmas eve boxes. Our pre-filled Christmas eve bags were such a success in 2015 we have decided to expand our range into offering wooden boxes as well as our great bags. So many more products are on our site this year and we have some fantastic offers leading up to Christmas.

Personalised pre-filled Christmas eve box

What's in the box ?

Above is an example of our children's personalised Christmas eve box, full of Christmas eve treats.

You will receive this beautiful wooden box , which comes presented ribbon tied with a personalised wooden tag and full of the following goodies.

* A personalised pillowcase to help a good nights sleep ( as if?.. far too excited to sleep! )

* A great Christmas movie

* Popcorn to munch on when watching the movie ( enough to share .....if you want to )

* A vintage style game or toy for the family to play.

* Luxury Hot Chocolate

* Magical reindeer food to sprinkle on your garden before bedtime.

* North pole snow balls ( giant marshmallows for toasting ......yummy! )

* A Christmas badge to wear all Christmas day.

* Candy canes for all the family.

Follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram for discounts, special offers and great Christmas gift idea's........ Speak soon.

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