When you have no chimney you need a Santa's Magic Key, with a personalised wooden gift box
Your magic key for Santa's is kept safe in its own wooden box. Your wooden box is personalised with your Family name and house number so Santa knows who's house he is visiting.
On Christmas Eve place the key by the front door to allow Santa to quietly tip toe in so he can leave all the Christmas presents under the tree.
A fantastic Christmas tradition for all the family. Add a touch of magic to your night before Christmas.
The gift tag attached to the key has a short poem written for Father Christmas-
In our home, there is no chimney, so Santa, 
we are leaving you this Magic Key.
Sprinkle it with your Magic dust. 
It will open the door with little fuss.
Please leave this key for
us right here. We’ll put it out again next Year!

Santa's Magic Key in a Wooden Gift Box.